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Milestone of Indian Association Penang
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1923 This was the year when the late MR. P.K. NAMBYAR gave effect to his desire and the desire of the Indian Community in Penang to establish an INDIAN ASSOCIATION.
23rd April 1924 Consent was given to register the Association under the Companies Ordinance, and after the usual formalities, the Association was registered.The ASSOCIATION was from its inception housed at 423, Dato Keramat Road, the present premises of the Chinese Convent School. Soon it came to be regarded as one of the foremost INDIAN ASSOCIATIONS in Malaya.
20th April 1928 The demise of the founder, MR. P.K. NAMBYAR. This is regarded as a great lost to the association
1928~1930 MR. N.K.MENON, son of the late MR. P.K. NAMBYAR took over as the 2nd President
1930~1933 MR. N.RAGHAVAN tok over as the 3rd President. This is the time when the Free Tamail school was started under the management of MR. V.G.PRAGASAM and continued by MR. V.M.KRISHNASWAMY.
1933~1935 MR. H.G.SARWAR took over as the 4th President 1935~1937MR. N.RAGHAVAN, who was also the 3rd President took over again as the 5th President
1937 MR. K.S.PILLAI took over as the 6th President. 1938~ MR. N.RAGHAVAN tool over for the third time as the 7th President
February 1937 The premises occupied by the Association was sold to the Chinese Convent School. The Association had to shift.
8th of July'1937 The present property of 5 acres at No.11, Jalan Bagan Jermal was purchased.
13 January'1940 A small clubhouse was built at a corner of this prime land
1940 ~2009 The Indian Assocation has been maintained well by various office bearears and the clubhouse still stands on the original location with some renovations along the way.
2011 Renovation of the IA Bar & Restaurant, Major Club facelift, Lauching of P.K.Nambyar Education Fund, Development of Football
2012 Multi Purpose Hall Planning and aggresive Fund Raising
2012-2016 Project kicked off and stopped at Phase 1(4 Storey Buliding and Piling for entire Project)-78% and Phase 2 ( MPH) - 28%
2017-2019 Work on renovation of OCH and official opening of OCH
2020  Efforts to resume and complete Phase 1 & 2 on going.
Milestone of Indian Association Penang
The Indian Association has always played on active role in the social development of the Indian Community in Penang. In this regards the Association has keenly felt of a lack of a modern meeting place to develop and organize its activities. The current building has out lived its purpose. In this respect every one favours the idea that is about time we embark on a new building project and therefore we have inaugurated a Building Fund. The Association is reaching out to the public, private and corporate organizations for donations, pledges and assistance to realize this ambitious and beneficial project in the soonest time to meet the challenges faced by the community in this millennium. The new development will enable the Indian Association to support the community of its social, educational, sports and recreational needs. The programmes organized will ultimately benefit the Indian Community and the society at large. We are once again humbly appealing to the Indian Community and the general public for donations towards this worthy cause. To pledge donations kindly fill in the attached slip and send to the address mentioned there on.